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Wednesday, December 19, 2007



Ha. Strange coincidence for me. I only just heard about O'Brien and had planned on picking up this novel specifically. Now I'll definitely have to get on it.

Jeff Miller

Great news I really enjoyed that novel along with the others in the series.

Just A Layman

The production company is called "I Am Third". That was a popular saying of Catherine De Heuck Doherty, the foundress of Madonna House. I wonder if the producers have any connection to this community.

Greg Eb

Michael, congratulations!! I knew it was a matter of time... I hope based on your absolutely magnificent work the film still remains all about faith and hope in Christ. My best,


Brian Schuettler

It's impossible to believe that Michael O'Brien would allow any of Father Elijah's central plot line involving objective Catholic truth's confrontation with the world, the flesh and the devil to be diminished or watered down. God bless him and grant him all the graces him will need for this daunting task.


Does anyone know much about the people making the film? Is this a legit production with a wide release, or is it along the lines of a St. John Bosco or St. Therese movie in quality?

John Herreid

Ecky Malick is the wife of Terrence Malick, who is a highly acclaimed director. Since Terrence Malick is involved as an adviser, I'm sure the film will be quite good.

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