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Sunday, September 09, 2007



That dissertation was published by Ignatius Press back in... 1986, I think? It is currently out of print and insanely expensive on the used book market. Since you've decided to mention it on the Ignatius Insight Scoop blog, I have to ask: any chance of Ignatius Press reprinting it?

Carl Olson

I didn't even know it had been printed at one time by IP. [Head hangs in shame.] Perhaps Mark Brumley can weigh in on the matter...


---"The dark night educates man so that he is able to discern regarding God's presence or absence. Thus schooled, he no longer depends on pleasant or unpleasant feelings to guide him, for he is led by faith and by love. God remains his loving Father, in the hour of pleasure and in the hour of pain."---

That is really the salient point that is so difficult to explain to some of our Evangelical brethren and to agnostics and atheists as well. The kind of relationship with God that is being expressed by St. John of the Cross and others is almost beyond expression, and when expressed can seem to express nothing at all, or at least nothing out of which the unprepared mind can make sense.

Aileen Whitley

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I have been looking for this book for two years, and I still cannot find one in my price range! Any chance of a re-print by IP?

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