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Saturday, May 19, 2007



I actually just finished Howard's Lead, Kindly Light. What a pleasant little yet deep book. You can read a few snippets of the book and a couple thoughts at Thomas Howard and Lead, Kindly Light.

Mark Brumley

The repercussions of Beckwith's "reversion" continue. The mention of Talbot and Hahn is interesting.

JMT was fairly well-known as a Evangelical before his conveersion--at least in CCM circles. But he wasn't a major Evangelical thinker, he was a musician. Scott Hahn wasn't really well-known--although he was an up-and-coming minister and might well have become a significant Reformed theologian if he hadn't converted. Beckwith, onthe other hand, while not exactly an Evangelical household name like Billy Graham, is widely-known in scholarly and semi-scholarly Evangelical circles. That's why his return to Catholicism is making such waves.

Robert Trexler

It seems to me that "Mr." Howard's nephew should have refered to his uncle as "Dr. Howard." His usage of "Mr." may not be meant in disrespect to his uncle, but his manner of speaking did strike me as a bit remote. It is comforting to know, however, that "Mr. Howard" retained "a commitment to historic orthodox doctrine" when he became a Catholic.

Francis Beckwith

Dear Robert:

It is the WSJ's style requirement to use titles like "Mr." and "Ms." after the proper and sir names of the individuals are first used in an essay or story. The WSJ does not use "Dr." for anyone. I've been a reader of the WSJ for many years.


Mark Brumley

Dr. Beckwith beat me to the punch. Thanks for the clarification.

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