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Thursday, September 28, 2006



Yes, I read the article and also wondered how such obvious misstatements got into a major US Newspaper.
And by the way: The phrase better a turban than the Pope's tiara was about a gnostic group called Bogomil (?SP) in Bosnia who were persecuted by both Orthodox and Roman Catholics. Most of them were nobility, and so when Turkey was invading the area, they converted and became a sort of a fifth column...but Catholic nobility who did NOT convert lost their land and essentially became peasants.
As for the World Council of Churches, they lost my sympathy by sending money to a black "freedom fighter" group that killed a lot of my fellow missionaries when I worked in Africa...
Others dislike them for their failure to condemn communist persecution of religion.


News item just in

In a debate between moderate Muslims and Pope Benedict in Qatar, it was determined
that B16 did indeed steal their thunder and so it was necessary
to have his hand removed. The goverment of Qatar regreted that
Benedict had misunderstood the ground rules of the debate
pointing out that he actually deserved capital punishment
for speaking against Islam in Qatar.


Hey, this game is easy. Set up a straw man. Call it Catholic and knock it down.

Viola! You feel better about yourself already.

Daniel C.

"In Orthodox Christian Greece, an old saying is still widely used: Better the turban than the papal tiara."

I'm sorry, but this is just too much. I'm married to a Greek, was chrismated into the Greek Orthodox church and have been to Greece several times, and NEVER have I heard an Orthodox Christian utter those words. I have heard several utter the most heinous things about the Islamic Turks that invaded and occupied Greece. But never have I heard a single Greek Orthodox claim it would be better to be Islamic, which is implied in this idiotic dhimmi-like statement, then to be Christian if Christian meant Catholic.

Does the writer of this stupidity know that Greek children were ripped from their families by Turkish invaders, forced to convert to Islam, trained to be jihadists and turned against their former countrymen?

Greece is just one nation, among many, that have felt the sword of Islamic Imperialism.

This writer is a despicable fool. He makes the phrase "useful idiot" for Islamic Imperialism seem mild.


This transcript is a reenactment.
People and events have been merged
for dramatic effect.

Tom (Latimes editor): Hey Brian, the editorial staff met this morning and your name came up.

Brian: Yeah, what about?

Tom: Well, we were up on the 80th floor and were were thinkin'
-we are kinda vulnerable up here - if you know what I mean.

Brian: I'm not sure I follow you.

Tom: Jets crashing into high rises - you know. Well ... anyway
we were thinking that maybe the Latimes needs to have more of a
diverse perspective on the issues of the day and
I'm sure you would agree that well - well we just might be vulnerable to
... uhm to criticism in that regard.

Brian: Where do I come in.

Tom: Well we thought you might write a hatchet... er, I mean a piece
on how much the Greeks loved the invading Turks in 1500 and how
much they hated the Roman overlords in 300.

Brian: Glad to do it Tom. Anything for diversity.

reluctant penitent

I must protest. We are Christians, which means that we should care for the feelings, well-being and safety of everyone except Christians. If the facts reflect poorly on Islam we should, out of Christian charity, ignore the facts. Or, even better, let the LA times give us the facts as they see them.



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