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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Brian John Schuettler

"the lines are contaminated, there are not enough to support research, they are causing American researchers to fall behind their foreign counterparts. Being practical arguments, these assertions must stand up to factual scrutiny. And so far, the evidence suggests they mostly do not."

One is tempted to say that fundamentalism in the name of science is a necessary corollary to the tyranny of secularism. Scientific inquiry, being now subjective, need not conform itself to empirical evidence but rather manisfests itelf as whatever is required to fit the agenda of the secular intelligentia. Once objective truth is called a lie there is no end to the collapse into chaotic misadventure.


The only question left is, will the republican party back a presidential candidate like Bill Frist, who easily sways his ethical values on issues that "require" moderation? If so, we may have a culture of death showdown in the next presidential election...


Excellent post.


I heard an excerpt tonight from one Senator to the effect that Bush's high school science teacher would be ashamed to admit that Bush passed science class.

The implication of course is that Bush is a religious ignoramus holding up the progress of real science.

My observation would be this. Josef Mengele, was by some accounts, a brilliant scientist.

mary Peragine

Should Catholics take a public stand against IVF? I know that would make us even more unpopular than we are now!!! Should we agitate for preserving embryos that are leftovers???

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