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Wednesday, October 19, 2005




I've never seen video games titled that way before. Destroy brain cells, distort reality and waste time? Are you sure you're talking about Chess, Checkers, Go, Monopoly, Risk, etc etc?

When it comes to distorting reality, books have distorted it far greater then any game will ever do, yet no one is calling reading a waste of time. Heck a certain author is loved because he created an entire new earth (middle) with its own languages and creatures and powers that do not exist in this -real- world. Talk about distortion.

With all due respect, if you don't like video games that's fine, I would just ask that you do not make wide sweeping statements that are false.

Patrick Coulton


Read the article, the headline is just a little joke.

Carl Olson

Apparently I should have included: "and destroy one's sense of humor". Sigh.


I did read the article, before it was even posted here. I have a friend who programs mobile games.

IMHO, if you are busting on DuhVinci then say it. Plus when you read the article, and I quote, "Kayak Interactive has picked up mobile games rights to select Sony Pictures properties including Dan Brown's historical conspiracy tale The Da Vinci Code" you see that the story is not JUST about the code. But in true MSM fashion they take the controversial subject and run with it.

Maybe its just me but I've grown weary of MSM using catchy titles only to read on and find just flash. So when I read your title, I was thinking, "here we go again."

I guess at this point I should pull a MSM and blame my reaction on the shock I received when my third grade art teacher told me I was coloring outside the lines.;-)

Brandon Nicoloff

I think video games are great with hand eye coordination especially flying games. They are suppose to help pilots with flyiing.

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