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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


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MMark Brumley

What a terrific interview!

Fascinating. The distinction between a Catholic novel and a novel written by a Catholic is a fairly common one. I supposed the same distinction can be made between a Christian novel and a novel written by a Christian.

If I understand the distinction correctly, a Catholic novel or a Christian novel isn't necessarily a didactic novel, but one in which Catholicism or Christianity is accepted as true and the story unfolds within that context.

Agreement? Disagreement? It would be great to have comment by fiction readers and writers.


Hmmmmmmm, it appears I have a new writer to check out.

Any suggestions from the readers on which book I should read first? To help, I grew up reading Carl Sagan(his science not lack of faith), King, Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, etc. This will pain a few people but I'm not a big fan of JRT. Hobbit was good Fellowship was ok, Towers was better, Return went downhill fast.

And no I've never read the code. ;-)

Chris Burgwald

Thanks for this interview, Carl; I read Declare after reading the interview with Sandra Miesel, and I was excited to see an interview with the author of the novel.

Sandra Miesel

DECLARE is the most Catholic of Powers' novels and truly superb besides. THE DRAWING OF THE DARK (set at the seige of Vienna)is one of his earliest and therefore less complex. If you're interested in Regency England, ANUBIS GATES is an unusual time travel story with great period detail.


I second the recommendation for Anubis Gates. That is by far my favorite book by Powers.

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