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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Willard Lavonne

Mr. Olson,

Great points and enjoyable to read! I agree that to the Jews the letter would have been about as 'coded as a cold sledgehammer."

The cover copy, however, may have led you astray. I've read the book, and within the novel, the 'codebreaking' aspects apply only to characters in that setting who would not understand apocolyptic language; in fact, within the novel, Jewish rabbis are sought for interpretation, which, as the novel shows in complete agreement with your point, is very simple for them. Also, the 'codebreaking' is applicable for 21st century readers who have little of the knowledge that you do when it comes to this area of discipline. While non-fiction books like yours make that knowledge much more clear and much more quickly, fiction like this is way for some readers who don't study to pick up the basics.

As you pointed out, there are variations within this perspective that are more or less viable, things that your book Will Catholics Be "Left Behind"? discusses in some detail.

If you have read The Last Disciple, then a tip of the hat for expressing your opinion about it so succinctly, and, while there are areas in which my opion differs, I certainly respect what you have to say about it.

If you haven't read the novel, however, then I would invite you to go beyond the cover copy or market releases and read some or part of it. You might find it to be less pulpy or less preterist than you expected.

Either way, whether you are commenting on the publisher's marketing strategy or the actual contents of the novel, it was a pleasure to read the manner in which you expressed your opinion, and I'll look for a copy of your book.

Joel Coleman

Carl Olson,

Yes, I agree that it would not have been coded to first century Jews or even to Romans, though they would have just gotten Jesus=the Supreme King and the Emperor=AntiChrist. I agree with the second commentator that it would be coded to Christians not of that ancient and extinct culture.

(This is by no means a full endorsement of Mr. Hanegraaff or his theology.)

No, Hank Hanegraaff is NOT a heretical preterist. He fully affirms a literal physical resurrection and a second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh to judge the world.

Of course, accepting this would mean you'd have to admit Scott Hahn's thesis that it was ORIGINALLY about the Catholic mass is poppycock! No reputable NON-CATHOLIC scholar finds that plausible. All the AnteNicene Fathers are divided between preterism and futurism.

How could they have missed it?

As for his writing fiction, well, fight fire with fire.

Wouldn't it be much better for evangelicals to believe him than the paranoid ramblings of the vicious anti-Catholic Tim Lahaye?

Of course.

My heart is currently grieved by the passing of St. John Paul II.

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